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A fully managed investment portfolio with surprisingly low fees. With Moneyfarm, you can start living your best life now. They'll do all the work for you, applying advanced algorithms to save you time and money. Every day, they make sure that your investment strategy is on track. They've got you covered.

The Moneyfarm refer-a-friend offer gets you: £5000 managed free of charge for 6 months.


The Moneyfarm Referral Offer

This refer-a-friend reward is all yours when you join Moneyfarm today:

£5000 managed free of charge for 6 months

By signing up using this link, you acknowledge and accept that Moneyfarm might share your name or username with the person who owns that referral link and vice versa.

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£5000 managed free of charge for 6 months

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Where do I find my Moneyfarm referral code?

We're looking into it and will let you know soon.

Moneyfarm refer a friend code not working?

This sometimes happens for a number of reasons:

But don't worry here's a Moneyfarm refer a friend link you can use:

https://app.moneyfarm.com/gb/sign-up?promocod...Join Moneyfarm

By using this link, Moneyfarm might share your name or username with the link owner and vice versa.

Referral Summary

🏆  Referral Bonus £5000 managed free of charge for 6 months
👊  Add your link £5000 managed free of charge for 6 months (per referral)
🌍  Available in the UK? Yes

DISCLAIMER: You shouldn't join a company just for its referral incentives. You may end up with bills you can't afford, for a product/service you don't actually want or need.

What are the terms of the Moneyfarm refer a friend offer?

The Moneyfarm refer-a-friend offer terms and conditions may have updated since this page was last updated and take precedence over what is published on oyal. Please check the Moneyfarm website for the latest terms, https://www.moneyfarm.com/uk/privacy/. Details correct as of 19th May 2022.